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For the past 5 years we have seen the significant rise of Mobile phone user with more people are accessing the web on their mobiles, smart phones and tablets, thanks to Apple for giving us I phone. Today the research shows 1.6 billion apps downloaded every month worldwide. From the Android app market, Apple app store and Blackberry’s app world, that shows us the importance of having a website mobile friendly. That gives us message that it is almost implausible, not to have a mobile friendly website.

It is surprising today how slow businesses are to adopt this change. For example, the research shows that businesses around word are finding hard to keep up with the rising demand of mobile phone users, even some eCommerce businesses don’t have a fully functioning mobile friendly site. It is important for you now to have a fully functioning mobile friendly site before your top competitors, to give you a strong edge in the market.

For the past 5 years we have done extensive research into the mobile phone industry. First research shows every year, 17.6 percent mobile user increasing in the UK. Secondly, we have found an individual spend browsing their phone, e.g. looking at new apps and shopping 7.5 hours a day, that includes breaking time, on their jobs, bathroom, gym, etc. Thirdly, we found online shopping are rising in UK 20 percent every year as increase on high street shops closing. Fourthly, our research shows having a good responsive mobile friendly website can grow your sales by 43. 9 percent a year, that is huge.

What is a fully functioning mobile friendly website?
Being mobile-friendly does not mean that your website can be viewed on mobile devices, it is a lot more than that. It must be designed specifically for smaller devices, e.g.  different size of tablets and mobile phones, where people can navigate easily on their phone and tablets. Making it simple for users to use, relevance informative and easy to navigate is key. People browse in mobile devices because it’s quick and easy to use. They often use during the lunch, break time, before going on the bed and so on.

They do not want to spend a long time to look for what they need, it is essential for you to give them the best user experience on your site. After doing the key research on the mobile phone user market, there is no doubt mobile web design next big thing in the modern days. If you want to inquire, we can give you a free quotation about how we can make your site mobile friendly. It could cost you a lot less than you think, with mobile packages starting at as little as £700.

We understand the scalability of the mobile phone market and the demand for it. As a result, we have put a team of experts who are just specialising on making your website super responsive mobile friendly to give you the significant edge towards your success. We continually work with our previous customers, monitoring their sites on the desktop and mobile, making sure it’s performing high at all time. Our experts working round the clock, testing, researching, scientifically analyzing, making sure what’s working well and what’s not.

Importance of having mobile friendly website

  • Currently 4.35 billion mobile phones in use worldwide
  • 50% of local browsing are carried out on mobile devices
  • 96% of mobile Internet users are using their devices while watching TV, having dinner, talking to their friends, taking baths and shopping.
  • A third of Facebook’s 800 million users are using Facebook on mobile devices
  • Half of twitter’s 199 million users are using Twitter on mobile devices

Looking at these vital statistics it is incredible how many websites are not yet fully functioning mobile-friendly. We monitor our team of expert’s performance at all time to make sure that they are performing best of all time to give you the only best, we do not settle down on less than the best. We are always happy to work with you, support you constantly to meet your needs and give you the best value for your hard earn cash. Our aim is to make a difference in your life by giving you the ongoing support that you need.

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