We are one of the UK’s biggest web design & development companies based in Central London, founded in 2005 by Shah King as an aim of providing web services for small to large corporations. Over the last decade the company has grown enormously and providing full website services. We fully understand in order to be successful online in the web. We understand ongoing support is crucial throughout all stages from intermediate level to advance level.  

The key to a successful campaign is to have a hands-on approach throughout the life cycle of the website. Our web specialists will be working with you to achieve the best possible results. Like many small companies Innovative web specialists started its life as a home business.

But since 2008, our business has grown significantly and now we have offices in both USA and London to meet our clients face to face around the world. Our experienced team, with proven results driven track record team are ready to help you make your dream site alive. Our continued significant growth of our business means we now have a long list of clients, with companies across the UK, Europe, and America is benefiting from the team’s experience and expertise.

Work with a Team of Industry’s Experts

We have experience of over 13 years, designing, developing, promoting, and digital marketing. We have a team of experts who cover each of these areas. Our clients based on all over the world, e.g. Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain and Germany. We are proud to say that all our clients, keeping in touch with us, sending us gifts from all over the world for doing a great job for them. We are happy today because our clients are happy. Our business has grown from word of mouth without spending a single penny on Marketing. We believe great works speak for its self. We are continuing to work hard throughout the year as we can see the benefit of our work on our clients’ businesses. We like to feel awesome at all time, as a result, we will continue working hard, give our best all the time to make sure that you reach your goal.


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Why choose Innovative Web Specialists as your web designing company?

To design and develop a super responsive website, fully functioning on all devices at all time, you need to take these crucial factors into account. Different devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. User behavior for your target markets Top social media friendly such as, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Page landing times and the graphic on the site. This is the foundation of our web designing process. A strong foundation is crucial for designing a super responsive and beautiful site. Of course we move into more advance technical stuff after the foundation is done. E.g. The significant changes within the web design market is, rising of mobile web users, this had a huge impact on the website designing process. It is absolutely vital today to design a site for multiple devices, screen sizes and resolutions. By applying these crucial factors in the web designing process, it will allow to adjust according to the screen sizes of the devices allowing friendly user experience. We have a development team of experts with experienced, proven track record and with extensive knowledge of how to create strong back-end code for a website to make your site not just looking good, but it’ll perform at its best on all the electronic devices beautifully with speed. Our experts will perform online testing on all of devices and software like IOS and Android to make sure it’s performing smoothly with high performance. After developing your site, we will frequently update your site to make sure it’s information is up to date.

We Can Make it happen

Our highly qualified, trained engineers are ready to make your dream website come to alive.

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